Last week on the phone I was speaking about a project with someone when they said  “That sounds good, you’ve got a lot going on because you’re an author, illustrator, animator and cartoonist.” Wow, that was succinct in a way I hadn’t thought about before. After all these years, since starting out drawing comic strips for my neighbors and writing fan fiction for early fanzines, my resume instantly came together.

I DO enjoy working in many mediums on projects both for clients and myself.  The process is always fascinating to me whether it’s a t-shirt design for Disney,  a little Mermaid comic book story, a coloring book page, a comic strip with my characters from the Magical Attic or the crime novel I just finished that is in the hands of beta readers right now.  All these examples of my work and more share one major thing in common: The desire to tell a story. That story may be long or short, serious or comedic, but in all cases I strive to create something we’ll both find engaging and entertaining on different levels.

This blog will cover the journey of the creative process. I welcome your input, ideas and suggestions as we climb the creative mountain together.

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