Own worst Enemy

THE worst. I’m my own worst enemy. Perhaps some of you are familiar with this too: That voice at the beginning of a process, task or idea that says we have no business being in that realm.

When I look backwards I can see a pattern. Many times my hesitation to embark on a new journey was because of the voice saying I had no business beginning that path. When I look back I can see those times I delayed because I didn’t possess the full SELF-CONFIDENCE to begin the journey.

Sooner or later I WOULD begin the journey: making toys, creating a new character, writing a short story, drawing in a new style. But first I’d have to trip myself up and spend time debating whether I was good enough to even begin.

How much faster and further along would I be if I skipped over that step at the start and just plunged into trying something? Not trying blindly and not without considering what the chances of success could be. But once the task is embraced to stop checking at the start whether I can even do it. Of course I can. It’s making a choice to do something and then simply doing it. I’ll leave the Monday morning quarterbacking behind.

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here!

Last week on the phone I was speaking about a project with someone when they said  “That sounds good, you’ve got a lot going on because you’re an author, illustrator, animator and cartoonist.” Wow, that was succinct in a way I hadn’t thought about before. After all these years, since starting out drawing comic strips for my neighbors and writing fan fiction for early fanzines, my resume instantly came together.

I DO enjoy working in many mediums on projects both for clients and myself.  The process is always fascinating to me whether it’s a t-shirt design for Disney,  a little Mermaid comic book story, a coloring book page, a comic strip with my characters from the Magical Attic or the crime novel I just finished that is in the hands of beta readers right now.  All these examples of my work and more share one major thing in common: The desire to tell a story. That story may be long or short, serious or comedic, but in all cases I strive to create something we’ll both find engaging and entertaining on different levels.

This blog will cover the journey of the creative process. I welcome your input, ideas and suggestions as we climb the creative mountain together.